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October 4-6, 2018



You can join the activities of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency by filling out an application to join Analytical centre of the BRICS YEA.

5 reasons to join the Analytical centre of BRICS YEA

International research centre

The main goal of the BRICS Youth energy Agency is to develop an international platform for promoting youth cooperation in the energy sector of the BRICS countries. The Agency seeks to support the dialogue of initiative young professionals at all levels, including research activities.

Cooperation with leading experts of the BRICS countries

Within the BRICS Youth Energy Agency there is an Expert Council, which brings together leading experts in the field of fuel and energy complex, heads of oil and gas companies and representatives of the scientific community on the scale of energy of the BRICS countries. The Expert Council determines the current directions of energy research, provides advice and makes recommendations on support for the most promising projects of BRICS YEA.

Exchange of experience and knowledge with young scientists of BRICS countries

BRICS Youth Energy Agency brings together representatives of the scientific community of 5 countries, giving the opportunity to conduct not only individual research, but also joint research projects.

Participation in international conferences

One of the activities of the BRICS YEA is the organization and participation in scientific forums, conferences and round tables on the problems and research of energy of the BRICS countries. Each representative of the Agency has the opportunity to present the results of their research in the framework of thematic activities.

Personal development

Members of the Analytical centre can determine the direction of their research activities themselves. Representatives of the Analytical Department are ready to support and advise the working group at all stages of research.


Feel free to ask any questions about the registration procedure and participation in the activities of the Agency

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