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October 4-6, 2018


December 27, 2018 0

The Youth forum on sustainable development goals (SDG) was held in Moscow on December 19-22, 2018. The event was organized by the Association of public associations “National Council of youth and children’s associations of Russia” with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

The event was attended by Arsenii Kirgizov-Barskii, Head of the SDG Platform of BRICS YEA,  Youth Ambassador for Sustainable development goal №7 and Yulia Delukina,  Head of the energy research Department for Brazil at the BRICS YEA Analytical Centre

The opening ceremony of the forum was held on December 20 in “MIREA”. The participants were greeted by the Chairman of the National Council of youth and children’s associations of Russia Grigory Petushkov, Head of the Department of international organizations of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Ustinov, Assistant to the UN information center Irina Hajiyeva. Natalia E. Ryazanova, member of the expert Council of the IEA BRICS, was represented in the expert Council Of the youth forum of the sdgs.

YouthSDG forum was held in the framework of the project of the National Council of “Involvement of Russian youth in implementation of the Agenda for sustainable developmentuntil 2030 (UN) and sustainable development Goals”. The forum was attended by representatives of youth organizations, universities, as well as activists from various regions of the Russian Federation and youth ambassadors of the SDGs of Russia. The program of the forum included theoretical and practical educational blocks, as well as a competition of viral videos dedicated to the 17 sustainable development Goals.


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December 20, 2018 0

From 2 to 11 December, 2018, Alexander Kormishin, Chairman of BRICS YEA took part  in the Indian youth forum held in Delhi and the state of Goa, India.

The Russian-Indian youth forum is a Part of the program of bilateral cultural, educational visits of young representatives of political, public, scientific, business and cultural circles to the Republic of India. The forum is organized by the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) and the Ministry of youth and sports of India. The main objectives of the Forum are the development of youth dialogue between Russia and India in the field of culture and education, as well as the harmonization of intercivilizational youth cooperation and humanitarian cooperation. The delegation of the Russian Federation was represented by students, postgraduates, graduates of Russian universities, representatives of youth public organizations, young journalists and experts aged 18 to 35 years, who passed the appropriate competitive selection.

During the forum, the Russian delegation visited a number of leading educational and research institutions in Delhi and Goa, including the College of Djanki Devi, the national theatre school, the Noida business incubator and the Goa Institute of hospitality.

For the Russian delegation, the host country organized a cultural programme with visits to historical monuments, including the Taj Mahal mausoleum, the Red Fort, the Akshardham temple complex and the Qutb Minar minaret.

the Governor of Goa Mridula Singh met the Russian youth delegation in his residence Raj Bhavan.

As part of the program of acquaintance with the industry of Goa, the Russian delegation visited the fishing workshop and the shipbuilding company Goa Shipyard limited.

On the sidelines of the forum, Alexander Kormishin presented to his colleagues from India the projects of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency scheduled for 2019, including the BRICS YEA Summit within the Framework of the International forum “Russian energy week” and the international energy efficiency Festival #TOGETHERBRIGHTER. He also invited young researchers from India to take part in the development of a Global technological forecast of the BRICS countries.

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December 16, 2018 0

BRICS YEA invites all young researchers  to join the publication of “BRICS, Energy and the Arctic” as the analytics of the Analytical centre of BRICS YEA and SDG Platform of BRICS YEA. The edition will published in the first quarter of 2019.

The intitiators of the edition are the Candidate of political Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of world politics, St. Petersburg University Professor M. Lagutina; Head of laboratory, Associate Professor of the Department of international complex problems of nature and environment of MGIMO University, candidate of geography, N.Ryazanova and Associate Professor, Department of PJSC “Transneft” “Foreign economic activity in the area of transport of energy”, Deputy Director, MIEP MGIMO, candidate of Econ.PhD, A. Guliyev, along with the National Committee for BRICS research activities.

Publication level: Russian science citation index (RSCI).

The deadline for preparation of articles: March 1.

Publication: until April 28.

Requirements for registration of articles: Established in St. Petersburg state University (GOST).

All questions can be sent to Arsenii Kirgizov-Barsky ( and N.Ryazanova.

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December 5, 2018 0

On December 3, 2018 Deputy Chief of the Presidential Executive Office and Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov met with MGIMO students.

Representatives of the BRICS  Youth Energy Agency took part in the meeting and had the opportunity to ask the Presidential Press Secretary t the question of the youth energy cooperation between BRICS countries in the framework of preparation to the chairmanship of Russia in BRICS in 2020. Dmitry Peskov said that BRICS is an important association that has quite broad prospects, and the more spheres will be developed in BRICS, the closer ties between the countries will be. “The participating countries have many overlapping interests, and we have very high hopes for the BRICS. Russia’s plans are to work very actively within the framework of this Association,” the Kremlin representative said.

Answering the question about the Russian-Brazilian relations’ development after the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro, Presidential Press Secretary expressed hope for further development of bilateral relations with Brazil and the cooperation within the BRICS. Dmitry Peskov also commented on the results of the meeting of the RIC countries that was held on the sidelines of the G20 summit: “Cooperation between Russia, China and India is very important, because there is a natural coincidence of interests on a wide range of topics, including in international Affairs and our bilateral relations.”

The meeting was held in the mode of live dialogue. The Presidential Press Secretary answered the students’ questions on a wide range of topics, from the global role of Russian Federation, the vectors of the country’s development to the secrets of the professional success of a journalist and Press Secretary.

Photo: MGIMO-University.

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November 29, 2018 0

On November 28, 2018, the BRICS Youth Energy Agency held a video conference on energy geopolitics with the University of Latin American integration (Brazil) at the MGIMO-University. The Deputy Director of the MGIMO Institute of Energy Diplomacy, Mr. I. Guliyev, made a welcoming speech and made a report on the main activities of the Institute.

During the conference, the report on the digitalization of the fuel and energy complex in the BRICS countries was made by the chief specialist of the international organizations Department of the international activity of the “Russian Energy Agency” Ministry of energy of Russia N.Novikov. The expert stated that the BRICS countries are capable of creating effective joint digital platforms for energy development.

The head of the Analytical center of the BRICS YEA A.Shklovskaya, in her speech introduced colleagues from Brazil to the main provisions of the development of the Agency “BRICS Youth energy Outlook 2018”, presented earlier in the year to the leadership of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation. In his report, the head of the BRICS YEA Platform, A.Kirgizov-Barsky, paid attention to the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals by the BRICS countries, noting that Brazil from the five countries is closer to these goals.

At the end of the event, colleagues from the University of Latin American integration thanked the BRICS YEA and Insitute of Energy Siplomacy of MGIMO for organizing a video conference and confirmed their readiness to cooperate under the auspices of the youth energy Agency during Brazil’s chairmanship in BRICS in 2019.

In 2018, an agreement was signed between the BRICS YEA and the research center “BRICS Observatory” (unit of UNILA) to open a representative office of the youth Agency at the University of Latin American Integration.

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November 29, 2018 0

On November 28, 2018, the BRICS Youth Energy Agency held a youth conference “International energy cooperation and challenges for energy in the 21st century” at International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP MGIMO). Igbal Guliyev, Deputy Director,  started the conference with a report on the current challenges of international energy cooperation.

In the framework of the conference Maya Karaeva, a student of the Gubkin Russian State University of oil and gas, has presented a report on transformation of energy markets. She analyzed the factors of energy cooperation between the RIC countries, stressing that such “Eastern” vector is a promising field of cooperation for Russia.

Anatoly Shiptenko, a 4th year student of MIEP MGIMO, Deputy Chairman of the MGIMO Arctic Club,  made a report on the formats of international cooperation in the field of “peaceful” nuclear power and spoke about the priority sites for the Russian Federation, including the IAEA, the Commission of the CIS member States on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, JINR, ITER.

The 3rd year student of MGIMO University Inna Ulyankina presented the results of her own research on the use of renewable energy sources in the Arctic conditions on the example of Finland, and the 1st year student of master’s program at MGIMO University Anastasia Gubchevskaya drew attention to environmental risks in the production of hydrocarbons.

At the end of the conference, Igbal Guliyev noted the high quality of the preparation of research and awarded participants with certificates.

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November 23, 2018 0

On November 22, 2018 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa Lindiwe Sisulu met with the leadership of the MGIMO University and gave a lecture to the students.

The meeting was attended by Vice-rector Artem Malgin, Head of International management Egor Andreev, Dean of the faculty of  International Business and Administration, a well-known scientist in african studies Vladimir Shitov and associate Professor in the Department of Oriental studies, Ekaterina Koldunova. The parties discussed the expansion of educational cooperation and activities within the BRICS Network University.

Then the Minister had a meeting with the students of MGIMO. Ms. Sisulu devoted a lecture to the role of Africa in the modern world and in global politics, as well as topical issues on the international agenda in the context of South Africa’s election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in 2019-2020 and the results of the BRICS summit in Johannesburg. Special attention was paid to the issues of sustainable development, settlement of political and military conflicts in Africa, as well as the key role of South Africa and regional associations in their solution.

Arina Dulepova, Head of the energy research Department for South Africa at the BRICS YEA Analytical Centre, took part in a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa. At the end of the lecture, Ms. Sisulu was presented the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook, developed within the framework of the Moscow BRICS YEA summit 2018. Ms. Dulepova also gave an interview to SABC News, where she noted the prospects and directions of development of cooperation between Russia and South Africa in the field of energy.

During the working visit, Lindiwe Sisulu met with Russian  Minister of Foreign Affairs  Sergey Lavrov and took part in a meeting of the Russian-South African joint intergovernmental Committee on trade and economic cooperation.

SABC News (South African Broadcasting Corporation)

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November 13, 2018 0

BRICS Youth Energy Agency announces the opening of the Analytical centre that will unite young scientists, researchers and analysts of BRICS countries with scientific interests in the field of energy. The Agency invites students, young professionals, researchers and scientists aged 18 to 35 years to apply for membership in the BRICS YEA Analytical centre. It has 5 international research departments, which are formed on the basis of country preferences, as well as 2 research units: the Platform of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Platform of Young Scientists in the field of BRICS energy.

The Platform of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is created to promote the UN SDGs and the organization of youth research in the field of SDGs in the BRICS countries.

The Platform for Young scientists in the field of energy is designed to bring together young engineers, researchers, designers and developers who are ready to offer the world new technological projects in the field of energy and strive to find like-minded team members on the one hand, and sponsorship and grant support for the projects on the other hand. The most innovative projects of the representatives of the Analytical centre will be recommended for participation in the programs of the Agency’s partner – the Global Energy Association.

In 2018-2019, the young analysts and researchers will also have the unique opportunity to participate in the development of youth “Global technology forecast fuel and energy complex development of the BRICS countries”, which will be presented to the leadership of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and industrial companies in the framework of the Youth day of the International forum “Russian energy week-2019”.

Young scientists and analysts within the Agency have a unique opportunity to conduct research under the leadership of leading experts of the BRICS countries, as well as to interact with interested young researchers in the field of energy. The Agency will also support representatives of the Analytical centre in participating in international conferences.

We look forward to your applications to become part of the international team of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency. Please note that the border of the first set is set for December 31, 2018.

You can apply here:

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November 11, 2018 0

On November 9, 2018 the Global Energy Association held a working meeting with the BRICS Youth Energy Agency (BRICS YEA). The parties identified the directions of cooperation and joint initiatives for implementation in 2019. During the meeting, the issues of support of the Agency’s research activities on the basis of the created Analytical center of BRICS YEA were discussed, along with the possibility of strategic partnerships for capacity development of young scientists in BRICS countries. The topic of implementation of youth programs of the Association with the participation of
young scientists and researchers in the field of energy (representatives of the BRICS countries) was taken up.

By the end of the year, the organizations are going to prepare a plan of joint activities in 2019 for consolidation of efforts to implement the international energy dialogue of the BRICS countries. The BRICS YEA team expressed their gratitude to the Association forsupport provided in 2018 and hope for effective cooperation in the future.

It should be reminded that Chairman of BRICS YEA Alexander Kormishin and the Acting President of the Global Energy Association Alexander Ignatov signed cooperation agreement within the Youth day of the International forum “Russian energy week-2018 ” at the stand of the Association. The terms of the partnership relate to geographical expansion coverage of activities of the parties, promotion of  the Global Energy Association projects for young people scientists from the BRICS countries, the creation of conditions for the organization of joint research for young scientists in the field of energy and information support between the parties.

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November 9, 2018 0

On November 2, 2018, representatives of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency met with Olga Yudina, Deputy Director of the project management and support Department of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation. The agenda of the meeting included summing up the results of the BRICS YEA Summit in Moscow, which took place on 4-6 October 2018 with the support of the Ministry of energy of Russia within the framework of the International forum “Russian energy week-2018”, as well as discussion of promising areas of the Agency’s development.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the key points of the Summit and Alexander Kormishin, Head of the Agency, also presented the most significant achievements for the development of the organization. The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation expressed gratitude to Anastasya Shklovskaya, Head of the analytical centre of BRICS YEA, for active assistance in the organization of the event.

During the meeting, further development of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency was discussed. The priority areas of development were the preparation of BRICS YEA Summit in 2019 and the expansion of the geography of the Agency’s activities, the intensification of contacts with the Agency’s representative office at the University of Latin American integration in the context of Brazil’s chairmanship of BRICS in 2019. The Ministry of energy of Russia considers it expedient to cooperate with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs to improve the effectiveness of the BRICS YEA in the international space, including the organization of energy events within the framework of the BRICS Youth summit in Brazil in 2019. The Executive department of the Agency announced the development of  the BRICS YEA Development Strategy for 2019-2023, which will be presented on January 1, 2019. BRICS YEA also defines its strategic objective as the development of partnerships with domestic and foreign organizations in the field of energy research and youth energy cooperation, the development of the Analytical centre with the active involvement of BRICS young specialists.

At the end of the meeting, the Executive department of the BRICS Youth Energy Agency thanked the Ministry of energy of Russia for the support provided in 2018, and expressed hope for effective cooperation in the preparation of the Russian Federation’s Chairmanship in BRICS in 2020.

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